Free Clinic Newton            Sussex County NJ

Free Clinic Newton

  1. -Free Healthcare Clinic

  2.     for the Uninsured

  3. -Volunteer Doctors, Nurses

  4. -Community Volunteers

  5. -501c3 Charity (45-4224214)

  6. -No Federal or State Funds

Downtown Location

67 High Street

(next to the McCracken Funeral Home)

Newton, New Jersey 07860

Mailing Address

  Free Clinic Newton

  c/o Eye Care Northwest

    One Wilson Drive

  Sparta, New Jersey 07871

Inquiry: 973.400-8432

Free Clinic Hours (in general):   

Monday Evenings: 6-8pm Mondays

        (Dr Liegner or Dr Muccino or and Aaron Siegel APN-C)

        Eye Exams only with Dr Liegner

Thursday Evenings: 6-8pm

        (Dr Muccino or Dr Idjadi or and Aaron Siegel APN-C)

Saturday Mornings (1st/3rd) 9a-11a:

        (Drs Owens or Dr Muccino)

NO CLINIC HOURS on Holidays.

11/23/2015           Dr Liegner (6p-8p)

11/26/2015           THANKSGIVING...CLOSED

11/30/2015           Dr Liegner (6p-8p)

12/3/2015          Dr Idjadi and Aaron Siegel ANP-C (6p-8p)

12/5/2015          CLOSED...MOVED TO 12/12/2015

12/7/2015           Dr Liegner (6p-8p)

12/10/2015         Aaron Siegel ANP-C (6p-8p)

12/12/2015           Dr Owens (9a-11a) SATURDAY

12/14/2015           Dr Liegner (6p-8p)

12/17/2015          Dr Idjadi and Aaron Siegel ANP-C (6p-8p)

12/19/2015           Dr Muccino (9a-11a) SATURDAY

12/21/2015           Dr Muccino (6p-8p)

12/24/2015           CLOSED...MERRY CHRISTMAS

12/28/2015           Dr Liegner (6p-8p)

12/31/2015           CLOSED....HAPPY NEW YEAR

Central Newton Location

67 High Street (next to Smith-McCracken Funeral Home)

Newton, New Jersey 07860

Contact Information

For those of you who would like to get in touch with us, you'll be pleased to know that our contact information has been provided below. If you're having trouble finding the location of the clinic, you may refer to the directions we have provided for assistance.

Contact: Jeffrey Liegner, MD, Medical Director
Mailing: c/o Eye Care Northwest, One Wilson Drive, Sparta NJ 07871
Phone: (973) 400-8432         Fax: (973) 579-2021

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